After hours GP – The advanced approach to offering medical services

The after hour GP services have changed the traditional trend of family doctors with high rebates for both urgent GP services and non urgent GP calls. While for classified non urgent after hour doctor services the discounts range between $56 and $35 per visit, the rebates for urgent GP visits range between $120 and $150. According to medical surveys, this huge rebate has considerably increased the demand for after hours GP services on the one side and on the other side these have billed a huge amount of almost $195 million to Medicare Benefits Scheme. However, it is definite that those who require doctor’s help between 6pm and 8am on weekdays are being highly benefited from this service. Read More

Bucks Party Basics for Aspiring Grooms

On your last day as a bachelor, how would like to celebrate? Well, the idea has been to have your best man be at the steering wheel of the whole process. The planning and organization of the event lie in the hands of the best man, who is the closest aide of the groom. Perhaps you have attended many bucks parties Melbourne has to offer, but each person is unique and has an individual taste. Read More