5 Important Questions to Ask a Trial Lawyer

Nearly everyone requires the assistance of a trial lawyer at one time or another. Whether for them or their family and friends, it is vital once that time comes to ensure consulting with the right professional. Cummings Manookian PLC is one of the reliable law firms in Nashville that can help out in such situations. Following below are five critical questions you can ask your trial lawyer to ascertain their proficiency.

1. What is Your Past Rate of Success at handling cases like mine?

All potential clients need to evaluate if their trial attorneys have handled similar cases previously. A lawyer who has never in the past handled a DUI, for instance, may be unaware of important deadlines, relevant law, as well as strategic facts to consider in the preparative phase for your defense. Alternatively, a lawyer possessing substantial expertise in handling your kind of case could be more appropriate to choose for a pending matter.

2. What will this cost me?

One needs to know the primary cost involved for any big purchase. Contracting a trial attorney is not different in any way. It is important to know how costly hiring a lawyer will be to you as well as if you would be capable of affording one. If unable to offset legal fees, the attorney might withdraw from your case. Such an instance would imply having to start it all over again. Hardly anyone wants would like having to deal with such an incidence, especially when handling grave matters in court. Clients can rest assured of experiencing transparency when dealing with law firms like Cummings Manookian PLC for example, whose staff has a track record of trying cases successfully in court.

3. What are your Credentials?

A majority of trial lawyers have perfected the art of personal presentation. You need to however know if they possess the requisite training and expertise to back it up. One would very likely need assurance that a particular trial attorney has successfully tried cases in the past and attended a renowned trial school, among other aspects. Past performance serves as indicator of the future performance of any legal practitioner. Knowing the credentials of your lawyers in general helps one to reach an informed decision. Lawyers from Cummings Manookian PLC for instance are well-rounded and qualified to handle any form of litigation.

4. What is the maximum limit for penalties?

Different charges attract different kinds of penalties. For instance, a majority of people get surprised to know a DUI can occasion a year of incarceration. A third degree felony, similarly, can lead to a 5-year sentence in prison. Asking your trial attorney what the possible repercussions are will help you to prepare and make an informed decision of how to go on with your case.

5. How many trials already have you run?

Some clients may prefer to avoid dealing with a court case at all. They could in such instance seek for an out-of-court settlement. That said it still is critical having a competent trial lawyer to prepare one’s case and negotiate it one’s your behalf. A state attorney has greater likelihood of working out a beneficial disposition with a trial attorney who appears likely to take the case through to the trial phase. If the State lawyer knows that the criminal attorney is unlikely to do so, the trial lawyer would lack leverage for negotiation with the state in court.

The intricacies involved in handling court cases require the expertise of dedicated lawyers. Clients can expect to benefit from such professionalism by contacting Brian Manookian on the contacts shown below:

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