After hours GP – The advanced approach to offering medical services

The after hour GP services have changed the traditional trend of family doctors with high rebates for both urgent GP services and non urgent GP calls. While for classified non urgent after hour doctor services the discounts range between $56 and $35 per visit, the rebates for urgent GP visits range between $120 and $150. According to medical surveys, this huge rebate has considerably increased the demand for after hours GP services on the one side and on the other side these have billed a huge amount of almost $195 million to Medicare Benefits Scheme. However, it is definite that those who require doctor’s help between 6pm and 8am on weekdays are being highly benefited from this service.

In Australia, the after hours GP services have received a buzzing response from patients. Patients have reported the great benefits of this service. Moreover, students, couples with little kids or elderly citizens living alone have especially benefited from this service. The unique features of services of GP after hours Brisbane doctors provide have proven to be really helpful for patients who require medical supervision at their home after the standard working hours. Many sections of the population are being benefited by this helpful and affordable service. See more at SmartClinics

Beneficiary Sections of the Society

·        Overseas students living alone

·        Elderly and aged people

·        Couples with babies or toddlers

·        Working professionals who cannot schedule time for a doctor’s appointment during office hours.

·        People who need sudden medical consultancy

After Hours GP Brisbane Schedules

Most of the after hours GP service providers offer a standard range of visiting hours. These timings are scheduled to special doctors out of the standard working hours of everyday. On public holidays, when you do not get to visit a doctor’s clinic, you can call for GP services, if required.

·        6pm to 8am from Monday to Friday

·        The time range is mostly extended for Saturdays when you can call for after hours GP service from 12pm to 8am

·        Exclusive 24-hour service response on Sundays and public holidays

However, these doctors do not offer emergency treatments. If emergency situations are recognized, it is better to go to hospitals. Moreover, the after hours doctors surgery services are available only for minor accidental cases where stitching is required. Besides, after hours doctors treat only a few cases relating to cuts, pains, etc., and not all types of cases. These include:

·        Sudden critical pain

·        General ailments like fever, cold and cough, muscle stretch, etc.

·        Cuts or minor bleeding cases

·        Animal biting or scratching cases

Therefore, these after hours GP services can be really helpful if you face sudden medical situations, which are not an emergency yet, but cannot wait for a prolonged period until you get a doctor’s appointment. Besides, most of these services offer bulk billing facility if you have DVA or Medicare cards. However, every particular service operator has a particular range of Medicare company preferences. This means they accept listed policies and international and Medicare policies. Therefore, if you want to utilize your Medicare benefits for billing, cross check the list of Medicare companies accepted by the service providers.

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