Who to blame and account for in the accident or personal injury you suffered.

Accidents are a fact of life but how they happen may cause one to question whether they should be termed as such in the first place. It is incensing to imagine that a landlord could fail to put measures necessary to prevent an innocent child from burning in scalding water from their apartment shower. Plus the glaring fraud that is insurance firms’ tricks aimed at stealing from clients with the help of their adjusters.That is why the need for lawyers, who will fight for the right to appropriate claims after those injuries caused by the failure of a responsible party, is on an all time high. Luckily, there are such at Hecht Kleeger & Damashek P.C. for unfortunate victims within the area of New York.

Hecht Kleeger & Damashek P.C.

Talking facts, it is alarming how most New Yorkers meet their death in this era. While heart disease and cancer rank as the leading causes of death, it is unfortunate that motor related injuries fall in close in the statistics. Did you know around two New York residents who were occupants of a vehicle involved in a road accident die every year? If you have suffered loss of a loved one from such a tragedy, the least you can do to obtain justice for them is contact an auto accident lawyer NY has to help your case. You may have a wrongful death suit against the liable party who may not necessarily be the driver if the victim died in a collision. The manufacturer of either car may at times be at fault or even the city’s planning administration. That is what your lawyer in a firm like the Hecht Kleeger & Damashek P.C.  will help you to understand.

In the same vein, construction workers are the most prone to fatalities in the job among all the type of workers there are. It is even trickier for employees for whom worker compensation rules restrict their right to sue. The employer is in most cases protected against a law suit from their employee and instead expected to give the victim blanket workers compensation. Usually, this is not enough for the medical expenses, lost income, emotional and physical trauma you are bound to suffer. The New York construction lawyer should help you to understand which ‘third party’ could have contributed to your injury.

For example, in constructing a building, the scaffold evolves in structure and function. In most cases, there are precautions or measures to be put in place to support this evolution. If not adhered to, fatalities are likely to occur. Resulting in any of the ‘fatal four’ causes of construction worker deaths; according to statistics provided by the United States labor department. A NY scaffold accident lawyer helps the victim or their family to obtain compensation for loss not covered in the workers compensation benefits or workers compensation death benefits respectively.

  Such parties include:

  1. Contractor or vendors.
  2. Equipment manufacturers, vendors and distributors.
  3. Engineers and architects.

The lawyers at Hecht Kleeger & Damashek P.C. have been known to obtain justice for victims of any form of personal injury suffered in an ‘accident.’ For example, for the young boy of three years who suffered burns from a scalding shower, they settled for $8 million. Visit their website to get a free case review at http://lawyer1.com.

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