Gift ideas for children by age [2019]

Picking out a gift for a children’s birthday party is a challenging task. There are, after all, a lot of choices. For example, toys alone come in different varieties, which are enough to get one’s head spinning. While choosing a gift is a difficult task, it’s hardly rocket science either. You just have to know the necessary information first.


Basically, you need to know the gender of the birthday celebrant. You also need to know their age, as toys should be age-appropriate. If that sounds confusing, check out this page:, where the toys are already categorised for you by age and gender.





Here’s a quick guide on choosing appropriate toys by age to help you get started on your gift hunting escapade this 2019.


0 to 12 months


At three months old, a baby’s eyesight is still a bit blurry. So, bright and boldly patterned items are best. Babies who are a bit older enjoy toys that engage their other senses, so choose toys that promote interaction. Examples of these toys are those with a nubby texture, make squeaking sounds, and are soft and cuddly.


1 to 2 years old


At this age, babies are more fascinated with toys that respond to their actions. It would also be best to give them toys that encourage them to use their newly-acquired motor skills. So, toys that have buttons that play music and toys that allow them to hit a ball with a hammer are great options.


2 to 3 years old


Toddlers at this age have the fine motor skills to play with puzzles or even build blocks by themselves. At this point, children will start to show their preference for toys and start playing in a gender-stereotypical way. That is cars and trucks for boys, and dolls and dollhouses for girls. If you’re wondering what you can give girls at this age, you can visit this page:


4 to 5 years old


This is the best time to introduce kids to educational toys that teach them verbal skills and math, such as minicomputers or phonic boards. Just do make sure that you choose a toy that encourages them to learn positive phrases like ‘good job’, instead of the ones that beep when kids get a wrong answer.


6 to 7 years old


Kids at this age are starting to show where their interests lie. Some will be more interested in beaded jewelry, while others are more inclined to do science experiments. When in doubt, you can always ask their parents what their interests are, so you know what type of toys to buy.


8+ years old


By this time, kids tend to be more active and sporty. So, they’ll probably enjoy toys, such as bicycles, scooters, and in-line skates. Girls still love doing arts and crafts at this age. Boys, on the other hand, will most likely be more interested in video games.


Wrapping up


Toys should be fun and educational, so make sure that you get age-appropriate toys to help a child learn and develop. However, you don’t need to worry. Most toy stores categorise their toys by gender and age.


If you want to know the most age-appropriate toys for girls, you can check this page for gift ideas:


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